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Criminalization Of Seafarers Amid COVID-19: Seafarers, Are You Aware Of The Rights Available?

Source: Marine Insight

Original Date Posted: 8/7/2020

Criminalization of seafarers is a concept. It is not only applied to cases of “high profile cases” upon a maritime accident/incident but has a wider scope in day to day working of a seafarer too. The seafarers are at times denied the basic rights and treated unfairly in different scenarios. It can be as basic as not being provided food, water, basic medical facilities when in the port, corruption by authorities, unfair treatment in by the port country etc. The current situation of a pandemic due to Covid-19 has compelled the countries to maintain strict regulations and check to minimize the spread of the virus. It has resulted in stringent checking at ports of the vessel to maintain proper sanitization to minimize the spread. Upon sign On/Off, seafarer are subjected to strict checks and care is maintained for the minimization of the spread of COVID-19 but at times it’s beyond the expected ordeal. The authorities come on the vessel for testing, interview and inquire from the seafarers and may go overboard trying to perform their duties.


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